It is a free plugin for wordpress. You can use/Customize as you need. But i am spending so much time to develop this plugin and continue developing. If you think that you will donate you can donate me. A donate link is their in in this plugin page. You can ask paid support and that i love to do.

If you want me to see your website

  •  Create two user account and give me both credentials. If possible give admin access one of them.
  • If you send me any confidential information (eg. login, password ) please send me through Contact Us or Wordpress Contact Us.
  • Give me a way to contact with you in your website. it can be chat widget or email.
  • Try to be online so that i can contact with you as soon as needed.
  • If your website is translated to another language (not in english) please make it english when i troubleshooting.
  • If you are using third party ad (eg. adsense) please disable that when i  troubleshooting.
  • Try to follow what i tell you to do.

You can contact with me through Contact Us.